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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Greensboros' Image )-: ?

The 6-3 vote was not good or can we look at it as the 6-3 Image? I was very disapointed in our City Councils decision that was made tonight on the TRC... This really displayed the cities true colors tonight! I do not feel that the City Council is afraid of the truth of what happen 26 years ago, because we already know what happen was wrong on both parties involved. I feel that our great city of Greensboro is afraid that the truth will come out about what's going on today in Greensboro... A 6-3 vote on a important issue like the TRC doesn't look good on Greensboros' behalf! I have made a voice post on my site please take a moment to listen to it. May God continue to bless us all....and give the world strength to carry on.. (voice post)


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