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Thursday, December 30, 2004

A Greensboro day...

This has been a very eventful week Greensboro... I would like to give the White family my condolenses in their time of lost. Mr. Reggie White will be deeply missed.. Also to the families of the Tsunamis: May GOD be with you all..It's time for everyone to get their house in order....

To the troops from Fort Bragg, High Point, and all other surrounding areas: Welcome Home.

The NCNAACP Weblog Network is up and running. The organization has embraced the Weblog tools. The Weblog tools give the organization the opportunity for their voice to be heard and for the organization to hear your voice. The NAACP definitely has the tools that will take them into the 21st century communications level that will enable the organization to stay connected to the future.... You can visit @

We have four new bloggers to welcome to the blog community. They are: Tone-Shock, Big Lex Worthy, Justin, and Pandaman. Tone Shock has a Christmas track on BigMama. The track is hot and its free, so there is no excuse not to ckeck-out this local talent from T-Mac Enterprise.
Big ups to BigMama...

I got the opportunity to meet Ed Cone this week in person. It was good to meet the man behind the words of Ed had mentioned a few of the things that Creative Industry Development has assisted in bringing to the community: school blogs, barbershopblogs, and Tone Shock... Word Up Ed... ThatsWhatzUp....

Do we have any Bloggers out there thats from Winston Salem NC ? Let Me Know...

Well it's time for me to go, for now. I have some work to do. Everyone take care and God Bless.

" Lets Build This Together"

Hello Mom, I love You..


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