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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


I do not know how some people can sleep at night. It’s sad the to see and hear the selfishness that is going on. How can we expect our kids to work and take care of each other, if we as adults can not accomplish this. I feel as though since there so much little value with the blogs why not give the credit where credit is due. These guys have done the leg work.

Is been an eventful three months. It’s been a long journey. The places that Tara Sue have mentioned I ve had the opportunity to be there in some of these places with Tara Sue, Ross, and Lewis. The barber shops, VFW halls, NAACP conventions, in the churches, city councils, neighborhoods, and the streets. I have been with Tara Sue and Ross they have had a solid plan through out this journey, with focus on the places mentioned above. It is all about the PEOPLE… These tools are going to build bridges....

When everyone get a chance read the Show You Care message from the VFW.. Thank You VFW for sending such a strong message to the Tropps and Civilians throught the world.

I’ve become a member of both of these organizations and a having the optunity to serve as the BlogMaster for the NAACP Weblog Network thats a blessing.

This journey is not about the money . It’s about the people of the world. These tools that we have here are the keys to the future . I feel as though we all can work together independently.

Yes there is a REVOLUTION going on and Greesboro is the Command Post( A headquarters, as for communications, used by a team or organization: a mobile news command post for election night coverage). A bloodless one. This is something we can leave our babies . And that’s PEACE and HOPE Lets work together to achieve this mission….. ThatsWhatzUp…

Here are a few Pics form the Neighborhood ....ThatsWhatzUp.. Thank You Lewis for the use of your blog to display my pics..

Thank you Tara Sue ,Ross Myers , Lewis Byers ,and the Shu and eveyone else that is making a contribution to this mission..


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