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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Drum Roll Please.....

I saw some outstanding footage of Aycock Middle Schools’ drum line from Tara Sue that really touched me. If only this after school program was available at the time that I had attended Acyock. This program would have truly saved many of my peers. I can tell that they are very passionate in what they are doing. The instructors have done an outstanding job with these young ladies and gentleman. They have really displayed to the community that they will be counted, but not be counted out. It gives the kids the self-confidence and the motivations to get pass the issues in life that they may face on a day-to-day basis. It gives them a safe way out. I saw them in the Christmas parade on Sat. and the looked awesome. It seems to me that they are in great need of new instruments. I could see the rips in the drums and broken instruments, I really hope that our community will step-up towards getting our future, the instruments and equipment that they need the to continue there march forward.

A society functions as a reflection of its childrearing practices. If children are ignored, poorly educated and not protected from violence, they will grow into adults that create a reactive, non - creative and violent society…All societies reap what they have sown.
___ Bruce Perry


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