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Monday, January 03, 2005

Greensboro going forward........

Today was started off rocky however it ended being one of the best days in a while, My kids Brandon 15,Brittney 14, Brianna 10 and I took a road trip to Charlotte NC it gave me the chance to spend some QT with my kids thats what I have been missing , for me it brings balance in my life to spend time with my kids... Just got back in town .

Yes the weblog tools have been out for a while. With these tools in the hands of the creative ones the shy is the limit ....just wait and see...These tool are tools that I know would be of great use to to the rest of the world . These are some very powerful tools. To able to post my thoughts that could help the next person, makes me feel good inside. To have the ability to tell the story of something that going on in another part of the world from the way other bloggers see it ( the truth) These last couple of months have been like.. MAN.. I've heard I 've seen some of the terrible things that have been going on not only in Greensboro but around the world. I have never seen or heard of so much craziness from adults its just crazy. We all can feel it inside, we know whats going on . What about the ones that do not.. With the power of these tools everyone can stay connected and say or show what need to be seen and heard. Thats scary!!However it is the truth!! Things that could change the world by the tap of a button. Man that is powerful I 've had the opportunity to set-up free bogs in the community out of the barbershop , to see the eyes of the kids that knew what they had just gotten, which is the key to the future...With theses tools we have the chance to make changes, which are much needed. In our day and time we have to be able to work together and not talk bad about others in comments .. Thats why I love the shoutbox because you can not hide behind a wall... No Im not a judge, however I do know right from wrong. Its time for a change . Yes I'm a black blogger.. NAACP ,VFW member and a member of other organizations as well. That cares about the future of my family, the community ,the united states and the world . I volunteered to spend ten years of my life in the military so that some could have the comforts of not having to go to a voluntary military.. Its all good though I've gotten the opportunity to travel and see things in a different light.. So I know whats outside of Greensboro other than what the media say..Just like now..We cannot belittle some one that not as computer savvy as others ...there trying. Hell I make mistakes in my spelling however Im not going to allow that to hold me back.. It doesn't matter if you have a forth grade education or a PHD just bring it ..We only can build upon it. We can not allow our personal feeling to get in way of making the Greensboro blogging community as an example for the world to see how we can get along and set aside our deference to accomplish the mission. Greensboro lets not take our trash from 2004 with us into 2005 and beyond... These are some thoughts from a blog I read a blog today and its very fitting, I love what Savira said about Happy New Year..

Well its time for me to go for now but not forever. Everyone take care and I hope that everyone have an OUSTANDING week...

" Lets Build This Together"



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