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Friday, March 25, 2005

Children are wonderful creatures

Children are wonderful creatures. Then they start growing up! In this world, maturing is dangerous. Parents have their hands full protecting children from the influences of the world. Still, even as children or students rebel, you can’t help loving them. You want the best for them. So off to school they go. You hope the teachers will teach them.

Recent news points out that children can be unsafe any where in the nation. The distance between violent people and their actions is ever shrinking. Our society appears not view persons as real entities. A society can not keep abusing people and not expect consequences. The solution is not more laws. Let us just try to be aware and kinder to those around us.

Yes, I expect different interest or focus groups to seize this tragic event to espouse their beliefs or desires. To the parents and children of this event, it is a hard time. I wish there was a reason for it. Hold tight to your faith, share your grief, and care for your loved ones. While all is dark and gloomy now, the sun will surely shine through one day! Hold on for the healing of that day.

VIA....Ronald E. Newton


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