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Monday, March 21, 2005

Hello Greensboro I'm back w/ questions and concerns !

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Hello Greensboro and to all my other readers thought the world Last week was a wild week for Greensboro!

To my man Lewis Byers over at the barbershopblog congratulations on making that decision on running for District 2 city counlelman. Bro. the leadership is much needed in that seat and many other seats though out our governmental body here in Greensboro and throughout the world.

Someone that is going to make that differences. I'm on your Team Bro. Chris, Chris and Twon let's rock and roll!

To folks that brought the donations to the barbershop thanks . Lawwna is taking donations up for the needy in the community, She needs more help give, give, give!!! We have more needy out here than you can imagine.

To Ed, Roch, Sue and Hog and the others, you all had a good turn out at the teah-in on Sat. Did an outstanding job on the class. However I would love to know how in the hell can you teach a class at the Revolution Mills and not even mention what the hell is going on the other end of the building with the VFW and the NAACP, what kind of trash is this. That was totally wrong!

My question to you guys still remains the same. What type of community are you trying to build ?

Billy, That first post was great for the Biglink, however as a Vet living here in North Carolina knowing that the VFW right here are giving free weblogs to all VFW member, Vet and their family members that would have been better post for the Troops than that BS that you posted on the biglink for the Vets. We all know where the big links are in Greensboro and that wasn't one of them!

I would like to welcome our newest members to the blogosphere Backtalk, and many others that took part in the teach-in and the public officials Pricey Harrison, Tom Phillips, Sandy Carmany welcome.

To the public official now that you are here, I have a many questions I need to ask you all!

Why the city Reps. have not put forth that intestinal fortitude and say to the people that the City Reps. have been pimping the taxpayers, that the people and the city are not really in your best interest ?

It is all about you and how much money you can juice the taxpayer out of while there sleepwalking. Well I'm here to tell you, that is BS. I say not another dam dime in Greensboro be spent until we can have a complete audit of Greensboro N.C. from an outside source... That's right open all the books! I don't trust any of you and I'm not talking about the just the white Reps. I'm talking about the blacks Reps. also. I think that many of you are full of shit. I am going to call it like I see it! That's right bring on the truth and reconciliation so we can find out the truth and reconcile about what is going here in Greensboro not twenty five years ago, but what is going on right dam now. You dam right I'm PISSED. Do you all think that you can spend the taxpayers money on BS and say the hell with us ? This is your mess, you clean it up. Don't think for one moment that you are going to leave this BS for the this generation to clean-up. Not on my watch!!!!

The best thing that Greenboro has going on politically is the Register of Deeds great job Jeff !

Pass this on to Mrs. Portia Shipman with zoning commission, that we in the Northeast Greensboro community, Would like to thank her ahead of time for the commitments that she has made to the Norheast Concerns Citizens at the meting two weeks ago . Hopefully we can get that footage of the meeting out on line soon. We are looking forward in working with you and your team that is going the bring the Porter School and The Complex projects to reality. Thanks for your leadership!

To everyone out there get involved at the ballot box when it is time to vote.


The black man is a strong man, his skin can be black as coal, the father of the universe is what this man been told
He has been traveling along a journey from another place and time, his thoughts are so distorted he needs a reconditioning of his mind
to purify his thoughts so they'll be put into place then he must come to realize how much time he's waste
Look around you my brothers can you see what's happening to our race, aggravated by so many things including the brand placed upon your face.
You must stop dead in your tracks and start to make a change,
investigate our history pride will be created inside your self, there are books within the library place neatly upon the shelves
I have been doing my own research and I'm bringing free knowledge to you, take heed to this message cause you won't learn this in school
You can't identify with your own identity because the truth has been buried deep, but I will help you to unlock this door so benefits you can reap
You know your biggest enemies; they went through great troubles to hold you down
They have clouded up your visions when they took away your crowns
When Columbus discovered America is 1492 the Indians already resided here so what do that tell you?
They tried to enslave this group of people after sitting and breaking bread, turned their land into a battlefield to hold the blood they shed
The point that I am making has been documented as a fact
The trouble you've been experiencing is because your skin is black.

A Negative Thinker is his or her own worst enemy. It requires far less skills to run a wrecking crew than it does to run a building crew. The world was build by builders, not destroyers. So Cast Aside Your Enemies: Doubt, Fear, Morbidity, and Guilt. For these are the destroyers of a "POSITIVE SPIRIT."
You cannot dream a dream too big, nor aspire too high. Nothing is impossible. Everything good in which you can conceive and accept is yours. Entertain no doubt, Refuse to accept worry, hurry or fear. That which knows and does everything is inside your positive mind and it will listen to your slightest whisper.

"We can not place the blame solely on the white man for the disfranchisement of our people. We have to go back to Afrca and request the information of who was that black man who made the deals with the white man to sell his brothers and sisters for profit? "

To everyone out there get involved at the ballot box when it is time to vote.



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