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Saturday, March 26, 2005

The most dangerous MAN ...

A wise man once told me " Son the most dangerous man is that man who has no fear, and figures he has noting to loose and that he is better off dead ..."

With all of the Economic, Poverty, Social, and Racism issues going on in the world today, how many MEN do you think are out in the there in the world with this mind-set ?

We most likely have many men with this mind-set right here in Greensboro N.C.

What changes do you propose that we make for this kind situation that we face in our society today ?

What state is our country really in ?

From my point of view it doesn't look good. I heard on the news that the unemployment rate has decreased , Who sent in those stats ? The gas prices have went out the roof $2.00 + a gallon, this is madness. We have our troops dieing over an unjust war. Our governmental body is on a spending spree. While they assume that there's no one watching the store !

There has been bomb threats on Greensboros' Piedmont Triad International Airport on Thursday and Friday , On Friday a threat ws made against the New and Record, on Thursday 1,100 employees were evacuated from Jefferson- Piolt downtown office after a bomb threat was made against the company.

Where does it end ?

There are those who wouldn't even think about any of these things until it hits home.

Well it has begun to hit home because it is not only affecting the lower class it's affecting the middle class also. Welcome, how does it feel ? Not good ha. I know. I can feel your pain dog!

"Nations, like individuals, are perceived to have a character. That character is demonstrated in a number of ways. Health care, street crime rates, poverty, access to services, air quality in the cities, etc, are some of the indicators used to determine the character and the livability of a society.

The United States consistently scores low in most of these areas. For instance: While Americans spend more on health care, per capital, than any other country, it ranks something like 27th in services actually delivered, because the American ideal, the medicine for profit model, creates world class care for those who can afford it, while it presents very poor care for a majority of its citizens." (click here for more info)

Let 's do our part, Greensboro you can go ahead and tell the people this (click here) ! We can handle it !

To everyone out there get involved at the ballot box when it is time to vote !!!


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