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Friday, January 14, 2005

I'm Blogging live here in Greensboro NC

I 'm here in Cone Hospitals. in Greensboro NC with my wife Kathy it nothing serious I hope... She has Chrohns I m going to have to do some research on Chrohns in the day and time that we are in it seems that we should have a cure for just about anything.

I noticed the hospital was packed Whats going on Greensboro ? A hospital and a funeral home are the last places that you would want see packed .... If these places are packed that means to me that we have some Major Health problems going on .

These people over here at MOSES CONE need some HELP!!!!!!

We have to take care of ourselves.....

Health benefits proposed for council

GREENSBORO -- City Council members often joke privately that per hour, they are some of the worst-paid employees of city government.

While the nine elected officials are technically part-time employees, they each log dozens of hours a week handling constituent calls, taking part in meetings and appearing at community events. For that work, council members are paid $9,500 a year for their time, with the two top elected officials, mayor and mayor pro tem getting a slightly bigger paycheck.

Greensboro may buy dilapidated St. James apartments

The history of St. James II is long, convoluted and fraught with failure. In 1993, the city made the $956,000 loan to the St. James Housing Board to rehabilitate the complex and rent it to poor people. St. James could repay the money monthly or all at once in January 2025.

The church board hired S&J Management Corp., owned by Guilford County Commissioner Melvin "Skip" Alston, to oversee the apartments.

By 2001, none of the money had been repaid. And a city auditor discovered the complex was more than a third vacant, operating at a $303,501 loss. An account reserved for repairs had $86 in it. The church board then gave control of the apartments to the Christian Counseling group, which ran a nonprofit that rehabilitates people with drug addictions.

Homestead settles 3 suits on sex charges

GREENSBORO -- Three former employees of Project Homestead, including the chief financial officer of the now defunct low-cost housing nonprofit, have settled lawsuits against Homestead that accused the Rev. Michael King of pressuring them to have sex with him.

The three -- Randolph Mitchell, Robert Donnell Jr. and Mischell Sinclair -- agreed to halt legal proceedings and withdraw all claims against Project Homestead, King's estate and other parties named in the lawsuits.

In return, the three men agreed to share $20,000 to be paid by Nationwide and Allstate insurance companies, which represent Project Homestead.

The three filed separate lawsuits against King and Project Homestead in 2003.

Where are all the Leaders ?????? It is time for Greensboro and these Organizations to Wake Up....And stop being Pimped...........

If you are not ready just sit back and enjoy the veiw.............ThatsWhatzUp......... Hit me in my shout box......


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