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Monday, March 28, 2005

Covenant with Black America

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As we witnessed in the 2004 presidential election, Americans are deeply divided between race, class, gender, political ideology and moral values. A divide so extreme, that in order to bridge it, we must speak openly, freely, without judgment and work together. It is imperative that we take this opportunity to consider the issues of particular interest to African Americans and to establish a national plan of action to address them. No longer can we sit back and expect one political party, one segment of the population or one religious denomination to speak for us or to act on our behalf. It is our responsibility as an entire community to no longer be left behind politically, socially, or economically and to bridge the economic and social divides ourselves, by encouraging a conversation and a commitment that will inevitably benefit all Americans.

State of the Black Union 2005: Defining the African American Agenda
On Saturday, February 26th, 23 panelists convened at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in the Greater Atlanta area, to begin the conversation on the most important issues that affect Black America.

Via the Greensboro NC NAACP Branch (click here for more info)


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