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Monday, March 28, 2005

A distress worthy friend and blogger who needs our help....

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For Your Consideration: Pro Se Not The Way

Many of you have felt the tone of the blog here of late. I have been engaged in a struggle greater than myself alone, but not greater than the truth. Multiple anonymous malicious reports have been made against my family since July 2004. On November 23 my daughter was forced from my keep and placed in the hands of substantiated child abusers. I have been defending my family on multiple fronts. The issues are political, prejudicial, judicial and familial. My family is being held hostage, at the mercy of DSS and the law violated by my victimizers. In representing myself I have built a case against the department and their cohorts, prepared all paralegal work and defended myself in previous hearings. I have video recorded nearly every meeting with the department and have the first video documented case in the history of the DSS and can demonstrate the following violations committed by the department including but not limited to: (click here for more info)


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