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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Pope and Diversity....

Cardinal Francis Arinzeis is the highest ranking Black in the inner sanctum of the Vatican, the home of the Roman Catholic Church. Many say, he's in line for consideration to become Pope. He does not and never encourages the projection of the possibility of his succeeding the current Pope, John Paul II. In fact, he frowns at it.
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Cardinal Francis Arinze, the unique and distinctly cerebral personality appeared on the cover page of the USAfrica The Newspaper, dated April 14, 1999 (Vol. 6#4).

Essentially, I attempt ed to capture and distil the fact that he embodies the hopes and endurance of a people, a community, a faith and the inter-connectedness of humankind. He celebrated his Easter weekend with members of the African community in the U.S, and principally members of the Roman Catholic faith.

As the facilitator of inter-religious dialogue, he has seen and interacted with differing religionists who, to varying degrees, embody zealotry and reason, lucidity of thought and rock-ribbed dogmatisms. He also did this time in Houston, discussing with members of other faiths.

By being a major voice for Roman Catholicism in Africa, he has enriched the goals of the Vatican to win more souls to that unique section of the Christian community.


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