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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Wal-Mart's Social and Economic Impact ....

Wal-Mart's Social and Economic Impact
Four-Part Series Examines Influence of Largest U.S. Employer

June 2003 -- Earlier this year, Fortune Magazine named Wal-Mart the nation's most admired company. It now has more revenue and more employees than any other U.S. company. Wal-Mart's growth over the last decade is unprecedented -- the company has gone from being a successful discount retailer to being a dominant force that no other retailer can ignore.


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Wal-Mart Litigation Project

Welcome to the home page of the Wal-Mart Litigation Project! What is the Wal-Mart Litigation Project? The project is an effort to gather, refine, and market information about lawsuits against Wal-Mart. The term Wal-Mart is inclusive. It includes Sam's Club and the company's captive insurer, too.

al-Mart Employment PracticesWal-Mart Employment Practices

Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel represent separate classes of hourly wage earners at Wal-Mart in the States of Washington and New York who allegedly have been forced to work "off-the-clock" (without pay). The plaintiffs are current and former Wal-Mart employees who allege that Wal-Mart has violated state wage and hour laws.

Wal-Mart's Alleged Misconduct

Wal-Mart Employment PracticesWal-Mart Employment Practices
Wal-Mart Employment PracticesWal-Mart Employment Practices

The Games are Over...

In Memoriam: Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Uday Singh, Lake Forest, IL; Chief Warrant Officer Clarence E Boone, Fort Worth, TX; Spc Raphael S Davis, Tutwiler, MS; Sgt Ryan C Young, Corona, CA; Spc Arron R Clark, Chico, CA; Spc Ray J Hutchinson, League City, TX; Pfc Jason G Wright, Luzerne, MI; Spc Joseph M Blickenstaff, Corvallis, OR; Staff Sgt Steven H Bridges, Tracy, CA; Spc Christopher J Rivera Wesley, Portland, OR; Spc Todd M Bates, Bellaire, OH; Staff Sgt Richard A Burdick, National City, CA; Pfc Jerrick M Petty, Idaho Falls, ID; Staff Sgt Aaron T Reese, Reynoldsburg, OH; Spc Marshall L Edgerton, Rocky Face, GA; Sgt Jarrod W Black, Peru, IN; Pfc Jeffrey F Braun, Stafford, CN; Spc Rian C Ferguson, Taylors, SC; Staff Sgt Kimberly A Voelz, Carlisle, PA; Pfc Kenneth C Souslin, Mansfield, OH; Spc Christopher J Holland, Brunswick, GA; Spc Nathan Nakis, Corvallis, OR; Sgt Glenn R Allison, Pittsfield, MA; Pfc Charles E Bush Jr, Buffalo, NY; Pfc Stuart W Moore, Livingston, TX; 1st Lt Edward M Saltz, Bigfork, MT; Sgt Benjamin W Biskie, Vermilion, OH; Sgt Major Eric F Cooke, Scottsdale, AZ; Capt Christopher F Soelzer, SD; Major Christopher J Splinter, Platteville, WI; Sgt Michael E Yashinski, Monument, CO; Staff Sgt Thomas W Christensen, Atlantic Mine, MI; Staff Sgt Stephen C Hattamer, Gwinn, MI; Spc Charles G Haight, Jacksonville, AL; Spc Michael G Mihalakis, San Jose, CA; Staff Sgt Michael J Sutter, Tinley Park, IL; Captain Ernesto M Blanco, TX; Pvt Rey D Cuervo, Laguna Vista, TX; Sgt Curt E Jordan Jr, Green Acres, WA; Spc Justin C Pollard, Foothill Ranch, CA; Sgt Dennis A Corral, Kearney, NE; Spc Solomon C Bangayan, Jay, VT; Capt Kimberly N Hampton, Easly, SC; Capt Eric T Paliwoda, TX; Spc Marc S Seiden, Brigantine, NJ; Spc Luke P Frist, West Lafayette, IN; Pfc Jesse D Mizener, Auburn, CA; Staff Sgt Craig Davis, Opelousas, LA; Spc Michael A Diraimondo, Simi Valley, CA; Spc Christopher A Golby, Johnstown, PA; Sgt 1st Class Gregory B Hicks, Duff, TN; Spc Nathaniel H Johnson, Augusta, GA; Chief Warrant Officer Philip A Johnson, Jr, AL; Chief Warrant Officer Ian D Manuel, FL; Sgt Jeffrey C Walker, Havre de Grace, MD; Chief Warrant Officer Aaron A Weaver, FL; Staff Sgt Ricky L Crockett, Broxton, GA; Sgt Keicia M Hines, Citrus Heights, CA; Staff Sgt Roland L Castro, San Antonio, TX; Pfc Cody J Orr, Ruskin, FL; Spc Larry E Polley, Jr, Center, TX; Sgt Edmond L Randle, Miami, FL; Master Sgt Kelly L Hornbeck, Fort Worth, TX; Spc Gabriel T Palacios, Lynn, MA; Pfc James David Parker, Bryan, TX; Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Clas Michael T Blaise, TN; Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Clas Brian D Hazelgrove, Fort Rucker, AL; Spc Jason K Chappell, Hemet, CA; Pfc Ervin Dervishi, Fort Worth, TX; Staff Sgt Kenneth W Hendrickson, Bismarck, ND; Sgt Randy S Rosenberg, Berlin, NH; Sgt Keith L Smette, Fargo, ND; Spc William R Sturges Jr, Spring Church, PA; Staff Sgt Christoper Bunda, WA; Chief Warrant Officer Patrick D Dorf, MI; 1st Lt Adam G Mooney, Cambridge, MD; Capt Matthew J August, RI; Sgt 1st Class James T Hoffman, Whitesburg, KY; 2nd Lt Luke S James, OK; Staff Sgt Lester O Kinney II, Zanesville, OH; Sgt Travis A Moothart, Brownsville, OR; Sgt Cory R Mracek, Hay Springs, NE; Staff Sgt Sean G Landrus, Thompson, OH; Pfc Luis A Moreno, Bronx, NY; Cpl Juan C Cabral Banuelos, Emporia, KS; Pfc Holly J McGeogh, Taylor, MI; Sgt Eliu A Miersandoval, San Clemente, CA; Pfc Armando Soriano, Houston, TX; Staff Sgt Roger C Turner, Jr, Parkersburg, WV; 2nd Lt Seth J Dvorin, NJ; Spc Joshua L Knowles, Sheffield, IA; Staff Sgt Richard P Ramey, Canton, OH; Sgt Thomas D Robbins, Schenectady, NY; Sgt Elijah Tai Wah Wong, Mesa, AZ; Master Sgt Jude C Mariano, Vallejo, CA; Pfc William C Ramirez, Portland, OR; Sgt Patrick S Tainsh, Oceanside, CA; Spc Eric U Ramirez, San Diego, CA; Pvt Bryan N Spry, Chestertown, MD; Pfc Nichole M Frye, Lena, WI; Spc Michael M Merila, Sierra Vista, AZ; Spc Christopher M Taylor, Daphne, AL; 2nd Lt Jeffrey C Graham, Elizabethtown, KY; Spc Roger G Ling, Douglaston, NY; Sgt 1st Class Henry A Bacon, Wagram, NC; Chief Warrant Officer Matthew C Laskowski, Phoenix, AZ; Chief Warrant Officer Stephen M Wells, MA; Spc Michael R Woodliff, Port Charlotte, FL; Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael J Gray, Richmond, VA; Capt Gussie M Jones, LA; Pfc Matthew G Milczark, Kettle River, MN; Spc Edward W Brabazon, Philadelphia, PA; Sgt 1st Class Richard S Gottfried, Lake Ozark, MO; Fern L Holland; Robert J Zangas, Prince William County, VA; Pfc Bert E Hoyer, Ellsworth, WI; Staff Sgt Joe L Dunigan Jr., Belton, TX; Spc Christopher K Hill, Ventura, CA; Pfc Joel K Brattain, Santa Anna, CA; Spc Jocelyn L Carrasquillo, Wrightsville Beach, NC; Staff Sgt Clint D Ferrin, Picayune, MI; Spc Jason C Ford, Bowie, MD; Capt John F Kurth, WI; Sgt Daniel J Londono, Boston, MA; Sgt William J Normandy, Augusta, GA; 1st Lt Michael R Adams, Seattle, WA; Master Sgt Thomas R Thigpen, Sr, Augusta, GA; Spc Tracy L Laramore, Okaloosa, FL; Sgt Ivory L Phipps, Chicago, IL; Cpl Andrew D Brownfield, Summit, OH; Spc. Doron Chan, Highland, NY; Pfc Ricky A Morris, Jr, Lubbock, TX; Pfc Brandon C Smith, Washington, AR; Pfc Ernest Harold Sutphin, Parkersburg, WVA; Pfc Jason C Ludlam, Arlington, TX; Spc Clint Richard Matthews, Bedford, PA; Cpl David M Vicente, Methuen, MA; Spc Matthew J Sandri, Shamokin, PA; Maj Mark D Taylor, Stockton, CA; 1st Lt Michael W. Vega, Lathrop, CA; Pfc Christopher E Hudson, Carmel, IN; Pvt Dustin L Kreider, Riverton, KA; Lance Cpl Andrew S Dang, Foster City, CA; Pfc Bruce Miller, Jr, Orange, NJ; SSgt Wentz Jerome Henry Shanaberger III, Naples, FL; LCpl Jeffrey C Burgess, Plymouth, MA; LCpl James A Casper, Coolidge, TN; Spc Adam D Froehlich, Pine Hill, NJ; Pfc Leroy Sandoval Jr, Houston, TX; Master Sgt Timothy Toney, Manhattan, NY; Spc Jeremiah J Holmes, North Berwick, MA; Pfc Sean M Schneider, Janesville, WI; Master Sgt Richard L Ferguson, Conway, NH; Lance Cpl William J Wiscowiche, Victorville, CA; Pvt Brandon L Davis, Cumberland, MD; 1st Lt Doyle M Hufstedler, Abilene, TX; Spc Michael G Karr, Jr., San Antonio, TX; Spc Sean R Mitchell, Youngsville, PA; Pfc Cleston C Raney, Rupert, ID; Pfc Dustin M Sekula, Edinburg, TX; Pfc William R Strange, Adrian, GA; Civilian Emad Mikha, Seterling Heights, MI; Pfc John D Amos, II, Valparaiso, IN; Spc Robert R Arsiaga, San Antonio, TX; Lance Cpl Aric J Barr, Allegheny, PA; Spc Ahmed A Carson, McCalla, AL; Sgt Yihjyh L Chen, Saipan, Marianas Protectorate; Cpl Tyler R Fey, Eden Prarie, MN; Spc Israel Garza, Lubbock, TX; Spc Stephen D Hiller, Opelika, AL; Cpl Forest J Jostes, Albion, IL; Sgt Michael W Mitchell, Porterville, CA; Pfc Geoffery S Morris, Gurnee, IL; Spc Philip G Rogers, Gresham, OR; Spc Casey Sheehan, Vacaville, CA; Lance Cpl Shane L Goldman, Orange, TX; Pfc Moises A Langhorst, Moose Lake, MN; Spc Scott Q Larson, Jr, Houston, TX; Spc. David M McKeever, Buffalo, NY; Lance Cpl Christopher Ramos, Albuquerque, NM; Lance Cpl Matthew K Serio, North Providence, RI; Cpl Jesse L Thiry, Casco, WI; Pfc Benjamin R Carman, Jefferson, IA; Lance Cpl Marcus M Cherry, Imperial, CA; Pfc Christopher R Cobb, Bradenton, FL; Lance Cpl Kyle D Crowley, San Ramon, CA; Pfc Deryk L Hallal, Indianapolis, IN; Pfc Ryan M Jerabek, Oneida, WI; Lance Cpl Travis J Layfield, Fremont, CA; Petty Officer Third Class Fernando A Mendezaceves, Ponce, Puerto Rico; Sgt Gerardo Moreno, Terrell, TX; Lance Cpl Anthony P Roberts, Bear, DE; Sgt Lee D Todacheene, Farmington, NM; Staff Sgt Allan K Walker, Lancaster, CA; 2nd Lt John T Wroblewski, Oak Ridge, NJ; Spc Tyanna Avery Felder, Bridgeport, CN; Sgt 1st Class William W Labadie Jr, Bauxite, AK; Pfc Christopher D Mabry, Chunky, MS; Sgt 1st Class Marvin L Miller, Dunn, NC; Capt Brent L Morel, Martin, TN; Staff Sgt George S Rentschler, Louisville, KY; Lance Cpl Levi T Angell, Saint Louis, MN; Cpl Nicholas J Dieruf, Versailles, KY; Lance Cpl Phillip E Frank, Elk Grove, IL; Staff Sgt William M Harrell, Placentia, CA; Spc Isaac Michael Nieves, Unadilla, NY; 1st Lt Joshua M Palmer, Banning, CA; Lance Cpl Michael B Wafford, Spring, TX; Lance Cpl Christopher B Wasser, Ottawa, KA; Pfc Eric A Ayon, Arleta, CA; Sgt Felix M Delgreco, Simsbury, CO; Spc Peter G Enos, South Dartmouth, MA; Pfc Gregory R Goodrich, Bartonville, IL; Staff Sgt Raymond E Jones, Jr, Gainesville, FL; Spc Jonathan R Kephart, Oil City, PA; Sgt Elmer C Krause, Greensboro, NC; Staff Sgt Toby W Mallet, Kaplan, LA; Cpl Matthew E Matula, Spicewood, TX; Staff Sgt Don S McMahan, Nashville, TN; Pfc Chance R Phelps, Clifton, CO; Cpl Michael R Speer, Redfield, KS; Lance Cpl Elias Torrez III, Veribest, TX; Spc. 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Abraham D Penamedina, Los Angeles, CA; Pfc Marquis A Whitaker, Columbus, GA; Spc Jacob R Herring, Kirkland, WA; Staff Sgt Kendall Thomas, St Thomas, Virgin Islands; Spc James L Beckstrand, Escondido, CA; Sgt Ryan M Campbell, Kirksville, MO; Pfc Norman Darling, Middleboro, MA; Staff Sgt Jeffrey F Dayton, Caledonia, MI; Sgt Adam W Estep, Campbell, CA; Pfc Jeremy Ricardo Ewing, Miama, FL; Sgt Landis W Garrison, Rapid City, IL; Pfc Martin W Kondor, York, PA; Staff Sgt Esau G Patterson, Jr, Ridgeland, SC; Spc Ryan E Reed, Colorado Springs, CO; Spc Justin B Schmidt, Bradenton, FL; Petty Officer 3rd Class Christopher M Dickerson, Eastman, GA; Petty Officer 2nd Class Jason B Dwelley, Apopka, FL; Cpl Scott M Vincent, Bokoshe, OK; Cpl Joshua S Wilfong, Walker, WV; Sgt Joshua S Ladd, Fort Gibson, MI; Spc Ramon C Ojeda, Ramona, CA; Staff Sgt Oscar D Vargas-Medina, Chicago, IL; Spc Trevor A Wine, Orange, CA; Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael C Anderson, Daytona Beach, FL; Spc Ervin Caradine, Jr, Memphis, TN; Petty Officer 2nd Class Trace W Dossett, Orlando, FL; Pvt Jeremy L Drexler, Topeka, KA; Petty Officer Third Class Ronald A Ginther, Auburndale, FL; Petty Officer 2nd Class Robert B Jenkins, Stuart, FL; Petty Officer 2nd Class Scott R McHugh, Boca Raton, FL; Staff Sgt Todd E Nunes, Chapel Hill, TN; Capt John E Tipton, Fort Walton Beach, FL; Gunnery Sgt Ronald E Baum, Hollidaysburg, PA; 1st Lt Christopher J Kenny, Miani, FL; Pfc Lyndon A Marcus, Jr, Long Beach, CA; Staff Sgt Erickson H Petty, Fort Gibson, OK; Sgt Marvin R Sprayberry, III, Tehachapi, CA; Sgt Gregory L Wahl, Salisbury, NC; Pfc Jesse R Buryj, Canton, OH; Cpl Jeffrey G Green, Dallas, TX; Pfc Bradley G Kritzer, Irvona, PA; Spc James E Marshall, Tulsa, OK; Staff Sgt Hesley Box, Jr, Nashville, AR; Cpl Dustin H Schrage, Brevard, FL; Spc Philip D Brown, El Paso, TX; Spc James J Holmes, East Grand Forks, MN; Spc Isela Rubalcava, El Paso, TX; Spc Chase R Whitman, OR; Sgt Rodney A Murray, Ayden, NC; Pfc Andrew L Tuazon, Chesapeake, VA; Spc Kyle A Brinlee, Pryor, OK; Lance Cpl Jeremiah E Savage, Livingston, TN; Spc Jeffrey R Shaver, Maple Valley, WA; Pfc Brian K Cutter, Riverside, CA; Pfc Brandon C Sturdy, Urbandale, IA; Command Sgt Maj Edward C Barnhill, Shreveport, LA; Sgt Brud J Cronkrite, Spring Valley, CA; Sgt James W Harlan, Owensboro, KY; Pfc Michael A Mora, Arroyo Grande, CA; Spc Philip I Spakosky, Browns Mill, NJ; Senior Airman Pedro I Espaillat Jr, Columbia, MO; Staff Sgt Rene Ledesma, Abelene, TX; Spc Carl F Curran, Union City, PA; Spc Mark J Kasecky, McKees Rocks, PA; 2nd Lt Leonard M Cowherd, Culpeper, VA; Lance Cpl Bob W Roberts, Newport, OR; Pfc Michael M Carey, Prince George, VA; Staff Sgt William D Chaney, Schaumburg, IL; Staff Sgt Joseph P Garyantes, Rehoboth, DE; Spc Marcos O Nolasco, Chino, CA; Spc Michael C Campbell, Marshfield, MO; Pfc Leslie D Jackson, Richmond, VA; Sgt 1st Class Troy L Miranda, DeQueen, AK; Cpl Rudy Salas, Baldwin Park, CA; Staff Sgt Jeremy R Horton, Carneys Point, PA; Lance Cpl Stephen Andrew Zabierek, Chelmsford, MA; Staff Sgt Jorge A MolinaBautista, Rialto, CA; Spc Jeremy L Ridlen, Paris, IL; Spc Beau R Beaulieu, Lisbon, ME; Pfc Owen D Witt, Sand Springs, MT; Spc Alan N Bean, Jr, Bridport, VT; Pfc James P Lambert, New Orleans, LA; Pfc Richard H Rosas, Saint Louis, MO; Sgt Kevin F Sheehan, Milton, VT; Pfc Daniel P Unger, Exeter, CA; Lance Cpl Kyle W Codner, Wood River, NE; Cpl Matthew C Henderson, Lincoln, NE

The Command Post

Monday, January 24, 2005

The War in Iraq Cost the United States

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."

President Dwight D. Eisenhower
April 16, 1953

Instead, we could have paid for

U.S. and World Population Clocks - POPClocks

With the cost of the war and the population of the US everyone could have been a MILLIONAIRE ....
If money can be received over a war that should not be going on, I know we can get the money to help our own PEOPLE

Pop Clocks
U.S. 295,321,055
World 6,414,557,046

How many have lost there life and how many will over a untruth ???

At least 1524 Coalition forces have been killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
1375 from US , 72 from UK , 19 from Italy , 15 from Ukraine , 13 from Poland , 11 from Spain , 6 from Bulgaria , 3 from Slovakia , 2 from Thailand , 2 from Netherlands , 1 from Denmark , 1 from Estonia , 1 from El Salvador , 1 from Latvia , 1 from Hungary , 1 from Kazakhistan .


Saturday, January 22, 2005



Saturday, January 15, 2005

NC VFW !!!!

LETS WAKE THE DAM WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Troops .....

We have got to get our Toops Home.....

Yes Greensboro

Yes, How can we ask ourselves ........This is just some crazy stuff.....

911 Coverup????

Some of the clearest proof that 9/11 was an act of United States Sponsored Terrorism comes from a close examination of the Pentagon Attack. In the above picture by Daryl Donley taken minutes after the attack at the Pentagon, the intense fireball is seen as coming from inside the building, and no wreckage of an airline crash is apparent.

Is this what is going on around us ???? Take a LOOK !!!!

Friday, January 14, 2005

I'm Blogging live here in Greensboro NC

I 'm here in Cone Hospitals. in Greensboro NC with my wife Kathy it nothing serious I hope... She has Chrohns I m going to have to do some research on Chrohns in the day and time that we are in it seems that we should have a cure for just about anything.

I noticed the hospital was packed Whats going on Greensboro ? A hospital and a funeral home are the last places that you would want see packed .... If these places are packed that means to me that we have some Major Health problems going on .

These people over here at MOSES CONE need some HELP!!!!!!

We have to take care of ourselves.....

Health benefits proposed for council

GREENSBORO -- City Council members often joke privately that per hour, they are some of the worst-paid employees of city government.

While the nine elected officials are technically part-time employees, they each log dozens of hours a week handling constituent calls, taking part in meetings and appearing at community events. For that work, council members are paid $9,500 a year for their time, with the two top elected officials, mayor and mayor pro tem getting a slightly bigger paycheck.

Greensboro may buy dilapidated St. James apartments

The history of St. James II is long, convoluted and fraught with failure. In 1993, the city made the $956,000 loan to the St. James Housing Board to rehabilitate the complex and rent it to poor people. St. James could repay the money monthly or all at once in January 2025.

The church board hired S&J Management Corp., owned by Guilford County Commissioner Melvin "Skip" Alston, to oversee the apartments.

By 2001, none of the money had been repaid. And a city auditor discovered the complex was more than a third vacant, operating at a $303,501 loss. An account reserved for repairs had $86 in it. The church board then gave control of the apartments to the Christian Counseling group, which ran a nonprofit that rehabilitates people with drug addictions.

Homestead settles 3 suits on sex charges

GREENSBORO -- Three former employees of Project Homestead, including the chief financial officer of the now defunct low-cost housing nonprofit, have settled lawsuits against Homestead that accused the Rev. Michael King of pressuring them to have sex with him.

The three -- Randolph Mitchell, Robert Donnell Jr. and Mischell Sinclair -- agreed to halt legal proceedings and withdraw all claims against Project Homestead, King's estate and other parties named in the lawsuits.

In return, the three men agreed to share $20,000 to be paid by Nationwide and Allstate insurance companies, which represent Project Homestead.

The three filed separate lawsuits against King and Project Homestead in 2003.

Where are all the Leaders ?????? It is time for Greensboro and these Organizations to Wake Up....And stop being Pimped...........

If you are not ready just sit back and enjoy the veiw.............ThatsWhatzUp......... Hit me in my shout box......

Thursday, January 13, 2005

New Gear: VFW NC WebCOM

The NC VFW HAS TAKEN THE LEADERSHIP ROLE with 225 weblogs. The NC VFW has made a strong statement. The leaders of the United States of America has taken the Leadership Role. The organization has Linked Up one of the most important Military Sates in America. They have taken the weblog tools to the next level Greensboro.... The organization did not stop there. The NC VFW WILL BE ISSUING EVERY NC VFW MEMBER and EVERY NC VET A FREE WEBLOG.

TO THE VFW Members and VETS TAKE HOLD OF THIS NEW COM GEAR And let your voice be heard


Mr. Edwards Sir it is an Honor to have the opportunity to take part in such an Historical event.

I am defiantly proud to be a member of the most Elite Organization ...... THE BAND OF BROTHERS

To the VFW members and VETS it time to rock and roll !!

The Warriors have said it is time to FALL- IN!!!!!.......REPORT!!!!...

It is time to Wake UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the Command Post Greensboro NC

Time To LinkUp............

"Semper Fidelis"

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Greensboro is Thinking........

225...... + New Weblogs coming out of North Carolina. The NC VFW has taken a major role into Blogshpere. The Wleblog tools are goning to take the organization to the next level in multimedia communication network. We have 3 Post right here in Greensboro N.C. The VFW is definitely taken a major role in utilizing the Weblog tools.........? Way to go NC VFW...OOHRAH

These are the post from Greensboro NC

Major George E. Preddy, Jr. Post # 2087

The Guardian Post # 11533

1st Sgt. Willie Wilson Post # 102090

Who is next.....? Greensboro is definitely Thinking.....

From the Command Post Greensboro N.C.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Greensboro the time has come to lead............

Jan. 10th

Some of us are at this point in our lives..... Crossing the Rubicon

[Via Wikipedia] January 10th marks some eventful moments in our history. In 49 B.C. Juliuscrossing
Caesar broke the Roman law forbidding a general from the Rubicon with a standing army, signalling civil war. This date 1976, Thomas Paine published.........

From the Command Post Greensboro NC

Friday, January 07, 2005

Dead Prez and Their Thoughts On Revolution

What is Revolution? "...When you think of the military or police you don't associate that with violence, but when you see ordinary people with weapons you automatically think of criminals because that's the capital; American system teaching that way of thinking. Revolution is based on the victims of a certain society; government, that recognizes that they are being used and abused by the system and its not in their best interest...." Stic

The time for change is now....

What does Revolution means to you ? Let me know, Hit me in my shoutbox...ThatsWhatzUp..

From the Command Post Greensboro N.C.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

To the NC VFW

To the NC VFW thank you for the kind words.It is my pleasure to show support for our Veterans, our Troops and our Military Families, in displaying the Yellow Ribbon on my Weblog in support of the Show You Care Campaign in support of our military families. Being a Veteran myself, I know how important it is to know that you have the support from your comrades that have walked those steps before you, displaying support on the home front. To the VFW it is you that deserve the thank you.I'm looking forward in working together with the VFW with future projects. Proud to be a member.. Keep up the outstanding work..

Thank You

"Semper Fidelis"

Monday, January 03, 2005

Greensboro going forward........

Today was started off rocky however it ended being one of the best days in a while, My kids Brandon 15,Brittney 14, Brianna 10 and I took a road trip to Charlotte NC it gave me the chance to spend some QT with my kids thats what I have been missing , for me it brings balance in my life to spend time with my kids... Just got back in town .

Yes the weblog tools have been out for a while. With these tools in the hands of the creative ones the shy is the limit ....just wait and see...These tool are tools that I know would be of great use to to the rest of the world . These are some very powerful tools. To able to post my thoughts that could help the next person, makes me feel good inside. To have the ability to tell the story of something that going on in another part of the world from the way other bloggers see it ( the truth) These last couple of months have been like.. MAN.. I've heard I 've seen some of the terrible things that have been going on not only in Greensboro but around the world. I have never seen or heard of so much craziness from adults its just crazy. We all can feel it inside, we know whats going on . What about the ones that do not.. With the power of these tools everyone can stay connected and say or show what need to be seen and heard. Thats scary!!However it is the truth!! Things that could change the world by the tap of a button. Man that is powerful I 've had the opportunity to set-up free bogs in the community out of the barbershop , to see the eyes of the kids that knew what they had just gotten, which is the key to the future...With theses tools we have the chance to make changes, which are much needed. In our day and time we have to be able to work together and not talk bad about others in comments .. Thats why I love the shoutbox because you can not hide behind a wall... No Im not a judge, however I do know right from wrong. Its time for a change . Yes I'm a black blogger.. NAACP ,VFW member and a member of other organizations as well. That cares about the future of my family, the community ,the united states and the world . I volunteered to spend ten years of my life in the military so that some could have the comforts of not having to go to a voluntary military.. Its all good though I've gotten the opportunity to travel and see things in a different light.. So I know whats outside of Greensboro other than what the media say..Just like now..We cannot belittle some one that not as computer savvy as others ...there trying. Hell I make mistakes in my spelling however Im not going to allow that to hold me back.. It doesn't matter if you have a forth grade education or a PHD just bring it ..We only can build upon it. We can not allow our personal feeling to get in way of making the Greensboro blogging community as an example for the world to see how we can get along and set aside our deference to accomplish the mission. Greensboro lets not take our trash from 2004 with us into 2005 and beyond... These are some thoughts from a blog I read a blog today and its very fitting, I love what Savira said about Happy New Year..

Well its time for me to go for now but not forever. Everyone take care and I hope that everyone have an OUSTANDING week...

" Lets Build This Together"


Saturday, January 01, 2005

Greenboro this is what it all about (2005: Shut Up And Stream)

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

2005: Shut Up And Stream

From Hollywood To Raleighwood:

Top 20 U.S. cities for streaming media: Miami, Cincinnati, Houston, Pittsburgh, Hartford, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Columbus, Raleigh, Portland, Dallas, Boston, Seattle, Cleveland, Washington D.C., Orlando, Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis. Florida State University

As hyperfragmentation ripples throughout, people and business will be creating production models for their own multimedia content--streaming--blogcasting to fill the information void through the Web.

"The reality is, particularly now, streaming media can really help the businesses bottom line. I've been in the industry for five years and I drank the Kool-Aid and I believe this stuff. " Steve Mack via Webtalkguys TO READ MORE YOU CAN GO HERE!!!!!!!!!

Greensboro this is whats going on ! Yes you are going to have those out there that do want you to know this ...... It ok those are a small few thats out there need not worry. Thats a small thing to a giant.. Do not worry about your presentation you will be embraced so dont worry about the miss spel wordz it does not matter. Do your thing. Time to rock and roll. Lets make it happen.... ThatsWhatzUp.....

Mrs. Yvonne Johnson Greensboro native from North Carolina--a wife,

mother, sister, grandmother, elected official ,
executive director of a

non-profit organization and
NAACP member speaks out utilizing

Weblog Tools .
Mrs. Johnson states... There were those that spoke out

negatively about this
this in hidden comment areas ...However it could

have been
ducussed openly in her shoutbox...ThatsWhatzUp......

Hello to everyone in
Blackplanet , we have to get out into the world to know whats going on...

Well I have to go for now, however not for long....

" Lets Build This Together"